Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Wimpole Lathers at Wimpole Hall 25-05-14

Simon Damant had just cut me a slice of Arizona pine and is now loading his essential oil still to extract oil. 

It was very fragrant stuff!

The lower container is filled with water and the steam then removes the moisture and oil from the shaving which are in the centre section (it has a perforated base). The outlet pipe is then attached to a condenser unit and the distillate drips into a bottle.

Simon has been busy using some local Walnut to make spoons and a dish. Note the really pale sapwood. 

Walnut can suffer from an abundance of sapwood.

I was busy adzing out another dish on a borrowed shave horse.

I was reminded that it looked very dangerous and that I should really wear a femoral artery protector. 

I think Simon was watching some of the Cherry Wood group bark bashing during the Ball weekend.

He has been making bark lathes for weaving.

Simon has yet another vehicle to play with – should be handy for log removal.

Simon finishing a handle prior to steam bending.

The Wimpole Scything Festival is looming and last year Mark Allery won the British scything competition.  

Hopefully Magnus will be demonstrating again.

It promises to be another good weekend. Put it in your diary 28/9th June. Contact Simon for details.

Another interesting design of stale engine being used on scythe handles. Looks like a converted wooden block plane.

 Note the brass inserts to reduce wear.

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