Friday, 16 May 2014

Bushcraft Magasine event – Egerton Kent 5th May

We were invited to demonstrate at this event on the weekend before the ‘Ball’ John Burbage and Phill Piddell were there on the Friday and Saturday and I arrived on the Monday. 

There was an interesting schedule - 

Looking at sunspots, rabbit skinning, staff-making, spinning, archery, catapults, wild cooking and making leather axe masks with Bardster.

Add all that lot and you notice there are many childrens activities!

Inside the pyrography tent they were producing some very impressive work.

Outside the walking sticks were intricately detailed and well finished - plenty of added value.

Kaos blacksmith’s had an interesting stand with an enormous range of goods for sale.

They were using a large solar panel to charge a battery with an inverter - so they were using standard power tools

This was an unusual variation of the pineapple twist. The corners looked like they had been ground through with a splitting disc prior to unwinding. 

A range of very pretty horn handled knives and some variations on the Swedish ladies knife.

It was not all play I had to earn my keep demonstrating adze work.

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