Saturday, 17 May 2014

Weird and Wonderful Wood Haughley Hall Stowmarket Suffolk 17th May 2014

Last year they were mobbed with the general public and I heard a rumour that the organisers were going to hold back on the advertising this year. Well, they were mobbed again.

Out the back of the indoor craft area I found this sculpture by Ian Freemantle.

What a sweet ice cream van.

Darren Breeze is a builder and part time wood turner. What he does do which is unusual are these really big slices of decorated dishes.

One of the folk groups entertaining the crowds were ‘The Floozies’

Every year on this bank they have an interesting sculpture and this year was no exception.

Classic Hand Tools always have a stand with the hewing demonstration.

I managed to find A Grandfors axe pattern I had not seen before.

I was watching Stuart Gibson encouraging  youngsters to have a go on his lathe.

I have seen him many times at this event and he has until recently resisted all attempts by me to join the APTGW.

The insurance deal for demonstrators was the last straw however.

Some bentwood furniture. I am never convinced that this is greenwood working. It was well done though.


The entertainers at WWD are second to none.
A couple of years ago the Australian Olympic Hoola Hoop team were I thought the best yet.

These two guys have taken the crown for 2014

Nick & Katie Abbott's Slough House Woods Binacre Essex 17th May 2014

Will Wall is nesting! With some very nice spalted Beech. I was not easy going – sounded a little dry.

Mark Bagent taking a picture of me taking …

He has not lost his sense of humour.

As you can see from the table, the group had been busy with the crochet hooks and had made themselves tool bags from Jute.

Sue Holden had made this from linen and as she pointed out to me it took two spools at £7.50 each. Thankfully jute is cheaper.

The bags were practical – better that any tool roll and with home made sheaths for everything.

Will had been busy yesterday making a shelter for a pole lathe.


During the windy weather there were losses in the woods and this is one of many new woodpiles. 

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