Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Sussex Bodgers at Motts Mill East Sussex with Nick & Nancy Bertenshaw  25/26th May 2014

Sheila (cake maker at the Ball) was busy with a spoon and Nancy (string workshop at the Ball) was making - more string.

The activities inside the marquee at the 'Ball' this year really added to the atmosphere and gave some of our younger members something to do away from the elements.

It was a little damp on Monday and I was hiding in the garage with Mike Gordon on our shave-horses and found this big boy’s toy – a beautiful Morgan sports car.

Reminds me of a Jaguar from my youth.

Nick has recently retired and has been making his own beer. My recollection of home brew  is that it is not very good.

However this was the real deal – just as good as pub beer and only 60p a pint. I shall be investigating the possibilities.

I think we should have a brewing competition at the Ball next year with the chairman doing the tasting.

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