Saturday, 24 May 2014

23-05-14 Visit to S&K Fittings Unit GB Leroy House 436 Essex Road London N1 3QP

I decided to save money and use my Freedom Pass (free travel on everything inside the M25 – one of the joys of old age! and living in London). I also wanted to take my bicycle on the train. So if the train does not go in a tunnel that’s fine, it just takes a little more research (most of the London network is of course underground). Luckily I live within easy cycling distance of Manor Park Station part of the over ground Southend to Liverpool Street line. So to Stratford (Olympics) and then to Dalston Kingsland.  Parking in London is a nightmare and expensive!

I love these first time visits – Kathy (K as in S&K) was very helpful and good fun as was her partner Salo.

These local shops knock Tandy prices into touch: one of joys of living in a city I guess.

I bought some small poppers to make bangles for my family. Unfortunately the crimping sets were £50! Unperturbed I bought them and will make the punches etc on my Myford Super 7. 

I also bought a strap cutter £16.50 (Tandy £28.07).
They unpacked the punch set so I have a pattern to copy.

For fittings this shop was great for browsing as you can see everything. Really not wishing to compare with Batchelors: where you need to know what you want first. The range of fittings at S&K is enormous and well worth the trip.

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