Tuesday, 9 July 2013

20th April Esgair woods LLanidiloes Powys

I Popped into Nellis and his group, who were a little thin on the ground:  well it was a surprise visit! Great venue with a very understanding landowner who runs a WOOFING Farm. The landowner makes all sorts of cheese. I did have a picture of their smoked  Ricotta &spring onion but you will have to go and visit to actually see and taste it!

21st April Chiltern group Longdown Wood Casden Bucks Richard Charles the group organiser and Ted Tuddingham were very busy as usual. Ted had a beautiful double handed pit saw and the group were having a go, even the visitors! I was the underdog for a few minutes getting showered with sawdust. The cut rate is surprisingly good.

 There were a couple of very interesting pole lathes, one with a double bow - attributed to Hugh Spencer and another based on the plans in a recent gazette – with the pole mounted on the front.

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