Tuesday, 9 July 2013

5th May West Midlands
I thought I might visit Tony Newby with his group (he had already handed over Bob Thomas) in the last months before he stepped down. There are a few people in our organisation who have done so much to shape us and have skilfully avoided the many pitfalls that small organisations fall into. Thanks again Tony!

The set up at Coalbrookedale is worth a visit and such a pretty place at the birthplace of the Industrial Revolution. Had lunch with Richie McBride who had a very nice elm plank he was planing. He showed me a tree felling operation on his phone using a time lapse app called Lapse It. He said the full version is well worth paying for. That would be a great way to show punters at shows the whole thing - from tree to dibber? Maybe get some more youngsters interested if we use the technology they are familiar with.

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