Tuesday, 9 July 2013

27th April Kent Group Benenden
John Burbage is the consummate host – not only does he organise food and beverages, his woodpile is the very best; a very generous man! I always take full advantage (probably too much advantage) and my stool entry for the Ball was standing only a few days before I arrived (hence all the cracks). No excuse, however for the tail (from Peter Wood Cheshire). John had an interesting addition to his beautiful timber framed workshop – solar power. The unit (assembled by Phil Piddell) stores power in batteries and lights the workshop at night with very efficient LED (light emitting diodes) lights.

Mark Sidders had a neat top plug for a Kelly kettle
It snuffs the fire out and turns the fuel into charcoal or brown ends – using the fuel the next time his thirsty.
Richard  and Mark  on a double handed saw, seem to be a lot of these in use recently – must be the price of petrol!

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